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Character Building

Our goal at PS 89 is to help build character within our students through positive interactions, meaningful discussions, and opportunities to work with others.  In addition to the field trips that classes take, there are many opportunities for students to gain knowledge and understanding of the world beyond the school building.


Each advisory group (about 15 students) is supported and led by an advisor, a teacher that works closely with the group of students and forms personalized relationships with each advisee.  Each student works closely with his or her advisor to identify interests and personalize learning.

Community Circles

Community Circles, or grade-wide topic driven assemblies, are held once a month for each grade.  During this time, teachers come up with a topic and relate it to character building by showing real world examples.  Students also have an opportunity to voice concerns or show a talent that relates in this open and welcoming setting.

Student Council

PS 89 Middle School students are voted into office in the beginning of the school year and work with the administrative team to voice the student body concerns.  Fund raisers are held and change is made by taking suggestions from students that would positively impact our learning community.

New York Rangers

Leadership and Legacy Program

The Leadership and Legacy program is run by the New York Rangers and Woodlawn Cemetery.  Students are selected to study important people buried in the cemetery and the legacy they left behind.  


College Access For All

The College Access For All Leadership Program is a city-sponsored and organized group that focuses on college and career readiness.  Students participate in activities that expose them to new ideas and allow them to practice and learn about leadership skills.  

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