Clubs & Activities

The Williamsbridge School is proud to offer many types of clubs for students to get involved in after school that are of interest.  Groups meet regularly and students are able to get hands on experience in a topic they are passionate about!  


Students that choose to join the cooking club meet once a week to go through the process of planning, budgeting, and prepping a dish to be complete by the end of the meeting.  Through this club, students learn about cooking safety, proper cooking techniques, and enjoy the fruits of their labor by eating the finished product!



The middle and elementary school art club allows students opportunities to work on pieces they are passionate about and also help to beautify the school!  Our art club students are responsible for the eye-catching murals and decorative staircases throughout the building! 


The robotics club complete STEAM activities including working with computer programs, legos, and programable robots in each session.  Students learn through play and interaction in this fun group!


Fashion Club dives into the history of fashion, various fabrics and patterns, the process of planning and creating a piece, and so much more!  Participants in this club have opportunities for field trips that will expand their understanding of the industry and spark their creativity! 


Students can choose from various instruments, such as trumpet, flute, clarinet, trombone, or drums.  Members learn how to read sheet music and care for their instrument, while preparing for a yearly concert!

Academic Extended Day & Outside Affiliations

PS 89 runs an After School Program remotely for ELL students and for students that wish to have more assistance in the areas of Math and ELA.  This program meets Mondays and Tuesdays from 4-5pm. In addition, Practice Makes Perfect's tutors provide support for students in all subject areas.